This is the discussion on the confusion caused by the twitter shutdown and the related facts.

How would you react if your favorite social media site suddenly shut down? You’d be in a panic and would wish to get your personal data back. Like every person from Philippines up to United States and Canada wants to know the reason Twitter was shut down. The blog provides more details regarding Reddit shutting down Reddit.

Table of Contents

  • Do you think Twitter going to remain closedforever?
  • What are the reactions of the population to this?
  • Conclusion
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Are you sure that Twitter going to remain shut down forever?

Twitter had a massive change in its workforce because of its resignations of significant quantity of staff on Thursday. Many people are eager to know the reason for this massive number of employees left Twitter. If you’re worried because this is the solution. Elon Musk, the chief executive of Twitter and has developed the vision of Twitter 2.0. The vision requires employees to be incredibly focused and put in all hours. The employees also have the option of leaving the job and get severance compensation as well as stick-obligations. 180 employees decided to leave Twitter when they got the ultimatum. This is 42%. Twitter headquarters were therefore temporarily shut down. This is a troubling sign that the mass workers could be eliminated. This raises questions concerning the future direction of this system, and the people who can fix it. Furthermore, the website that is used by employees began becoming slower. It is believed that account that is public Twitter account is in high risk.

What will be the reaction of the public to this?

Many are concerned about the possibility that Twitter could shut down. A lot of people are mocking the situation, posting memes and videos of the tension. Fawad Chaudhry (former minister) tweeted that he was unable to be anywhere else. He pleaded with Tesla CEO, as well as Twitter to not give him goosebumps. Elon Musk, for his part was a part of the Twitter party by tweeting.


The Twitter shutdown news was a blaze of fire after about 180 employees decided they will not take Musk’s ultimatum. Even though the story of the shutdown hasn’t been confirmed by the official.


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