This article provides important information regarding Hailey as well as the funeral Hailey Brooks. Read more details about Hailey. A truck hit one girl in the Raleigh Christmas Parade. The girl lost her life during the crash. Hayley Brooks, a 11-year young girl has received embraced by a large number of people. Through numerous social media posts individuals from the United States have supported Hayley Brooks. She performed on the CC & Company Dance Complex. According to the police the incident occurred around 10:15 am. People are looking into the funeral of Hailey Brooks.

Table of Contents

  • Causes of the death
  • Parents (Father/Mother Family, Parents Children, and Parents)
  • Hailey was married? Husband, Wife. Girlfriend. Boyfriend.
  • Wiki. Biography. Personal Life
  • Education Skills and qualifications and career
  • Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion
  • Birthday, Date of Birth
  • Conclusion
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Causes of the death

Hailey Brooks’ death was resulted from an accident. The driver of the truck lost control of his truck at an intersection Hillsborough Street, Boylan Avenue. The truck hit the child at an extremely low speed.

Parents (Father/Mother Family, Parents Children, and Parents)

Brooks eleven years old is unable to provide information concerning her parentage. It’s unclear whether Brooks was the sole child or was she a sibling. There are two possibilities.

There is more to learn regarding the possibility that Hailey was a grandparent. Hailey was a young girl, and it’s not necessary to speak about her children.

Hailey was married? Husband, Wife. Girlfriend. Boyfriend.

It’s obvious that an 11 year old girl could be married. Hailey didn’t even have any boyfriend. Hailey was a gorgeous child who was a dancer. She was a dazzling girl, but she was also a very kind. She was a kind person with great relationships with her peers.

Wiki. Biography. Personal Life

More details are needed on Hailey. Below is a table that lists the information available:

Hailey Brooks Real Name Nickname Hailey Brooks Profession dancer Birthplace not identified Zodiac Sign unidentified Age 11 years Birthplace not identified as a Nationality American Marital Status Husband’s Name is Not Available for Name of the Partner is not available Net Worth Unknown

Education Skills and qualifications and career

Hailey’s education must be understood better. There is a need for more details about Hailey’s school and class. She was a part of CC & Company Dance Complex. She was an exceptional child who could captivate audiences with her dancing. It is essential to know the other talents she displayed beyond dancing. Wiki hasn’t revealed any information about her education or net worth.

Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

The information about her ethnicity isn’t readily available. The country she was born in is American while her religious beliefs were Christianity. She was a gorgeous girl that was loved by all. Everyone loved her, including of her family members, no matter her religion or ethnicity.

Birthday, Date of Birth

Hailey had been 11 when she died. Hailey had been 11 when she died. It’s unclear the place she lives. It’s unclear what her family did to celebrate her birthday.


Hailey’s tragic death was shared by a lot of people via social networks. People loved Hailey for being an affectionate child. It was clear that the scene was turned into chaos due to her accident. Click here to find out more


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