The article provides information on Hiker Franconia Ridge, who is missing. Hiker Franconia Ridge, as in addition to information about her, in order to aid in finding her.

Have you heard the tale of the hiker who disappeared? A Search in search of Emily Sotelo (19 years old) who was on a hike through New Hampshire is underway. Officials from the United States continue to search for the missing woman since Sunday. But, there are no reports that are received.

The rescue team worked tirelessly to find the lady who had gone missing. They searched in search of her till Monday. This article will provide you with the specifics of that missing Hiker Franconia Ridge.

Table of Contents

  • New Hampshire Trail vanishes 19-years-old
  • Do you have videos of hikers?
  • Emily Sotelo’s Twitter account details
  • Reddit Reactions to the Missing Hiker
  • Search is under way for the Franconian hiker
  • Conclusion
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New Hampshire Trail vanishes 19-years-old

Emily Sotelo (Westford, Massachusetts) was on a hike with no one else. The girl is 5’3″ tall, has brown hair blue eyes and blue eyes. Officials continue to search for the girl, but they haven’t found any. The temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius which meant she couldn’t return home to her family at the time that was expected. When she didn’t show up to her family at the time agreed upon there was chaos within the family , and they complained to the police.

Do you have videos of hikers?

Police officers are still searching for clues as well as additional clues. Unfortunately, no video has been made available to the girls. The family hasn’t yet received any information.

We will continue to update this post whenever we receive any further information on the young woman. At the moment we’re unable to find any information and it’s incredibly difficult to give the information that is missing to authorities.

Emily Sotelo’s Twitter profile information

We are still unable to find Sotelo’s Twitter account’s information. There have also been no tweets posted on the social platform by anyone. As each day passes the case gets more suspect and nobody is able to find any evidence. Emily’s parents are determined to know more regarding their daughter. The authorities have assured the family that they would do everything they could to locate her and to continue searching in the same direction as Emily was hoping to find.

Reddit Reactions to the Missing Hiker

New Hampshire conservation officers said that hikers should be reported to the NH State Police Dispatch if they meet Emily on the trail. The Facebook page has a image of Emily along with all the information. Find out more information. Reddit user Reddit stated that he’d been on the trail last night, but could not discover any broken ridges or trails. It was not difficult for people to leave the track. There were no issues. The issue is that other people also share the same view.

The search is underway for the Franconian hiker

The search for Franconia Ridge, the Missing Hiker Franconia Ridge is ongoing. There are many who worry about her because she doesn’t have all the gear required to trek. Some believe that she might be lost and was not capable of returning. It’s difficult to maintain hope for her in this particular moment. The officers are waiting to hear from rescue teams or hikers regarding Emily. However, they have not yet received any information.


The search is ongoing, and we are hoping to get more details regarding the girl’s disappearance in the near future. Police officers continue to look in search of the missing girl. We’re expecting news in the near future. What are your thoughts on the announcement? Post a comment below.


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