This article contains information on the Marie Thrp family including their personal information, as well as her professional activities.

Are you interested in finding more information on Marie Tharp Google Doodle is an ode to Marie Tharp’s story. People from across the globe comprising those from the United Kingdom, India and the United States, start looking for her to discover the more details about her. We’ll share the details we have learned about Marie Tharp’s private and professional life in this piece. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  • Marie Tharp’s family and friends
  • What was the reason that led Marie Tharp to die?
  • Marie Tharp Wiki- Personal Life
  • Marie Tharp Married with Children
  • Is Marie Tharp on social media platforms?
  • Marie Tharp Funeral, and Obituary
  • Marie Tharp’s Net worth?
  • Fun facts about Marie Tharp
  • Final words
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Marie Tharp’s Family and Friends

Marie Tharp was the only child in the family of Marie Tharp. William Edgar Tharp was her father’s name. There is also Bertha Newton, her mother of the family, under the parents section. She was the daughter of an agriculturalist in America. United States.

Marie was also her teacher, who taught her to mapmake. Mother was also a Latin also a German teacher. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in the age group of 15, while she was still in her teens.

What was the reason that led Marie Tharp to die?

Marie Tharp passed away on August 26, 2003 of cancer. Google Doodle honored her on the 21st of November, 2022 and was prominently displayed on Google’s main icon. This made her famous and people begin to search for her info.

Marie Tharp Wiki- Personal Life

We have all the data Marie Tharp needs to be an effective user.

Marie Tharp, Full Name. Date of birth: July 30 1920. Birthplace- Ypsilanti. Michigan. Age- 86. Nationality: American. Net value of $1.5 million. Professions: Geologist and Oceanographic Cartographer.

Marie Tharp Married with Children

Marie Tharp Biography says that she is married and has children. The details about the children she has is not included. The couple was David Flanagan, but divorced in 1952. She relocated from New York to New York in the aftermath of her divorce. We will update this details once we have more information regarding her kids.

Is Marie Tharp on social media platforms?

It’s not clear whether she’s active in social networks. According to her age, too old to handle the post, and we could not find any other accounts or links. It’s evident that she wasn’t active on any social networks.

Marie Tharp Funeral, and Obituary

There’s no information online about her death or regarding the funeral. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time of the funeral and who attended from family or relatives.

Marie Tharp’s Net worth?

  • As for her net worth the oceanographer was a a geologist who had an estimate of $1.5million. She was also unemployed for a significant period of time which negatively impacted the value of her assets.
  • The exact amount of net worth isn’t available yet, however we will add it to our article once we get the data.
  • Fun facts about Marie Tharp
  • Lamont Geological Observatory was her first female employee. She doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  • She was a part of the map of World’s Ocean floors
  • She was the most famous mapmaker in the 20th Century and also the most influential geologist of all time.

She was a well-known celebrity and Google granted her with a Google Doodle on November 21st 2022.

Bruce Heezen, a famous geologist, was instrumental in her creation of the first map that was scientifically based of the Atlantic Ocean Floor. Additional information on her height and More is being made public.

Final words

Marie Tharp was a well-known and deserving lady. Google made a tribute to her. A lot of people, who had never had the pleasure of meeting Marie Tharp before, started looking for information about her. They began to appreciate her contribution to the ocean mapping field and her geoscientific work.


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