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Table of Contents

  • Harry What’s happened to Harry?
  • What happened to Henry Gasser get killed?
  • Get Net Worth, Obituary, and Obituary
  • Information about Family and more
  • Harry was married.
  • Check out the Quick Biography
  • Religion & More
  • His Story and More
  • Find Height and Other Information
  • Why is he in the News?
  • Conclusion
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Harry What’s happened to Harry?

Harry Gasser was a TV newscaster who passed away at the old age of 76 April 2022. Numerous prominent tweets have confirmed the death of his colleague. According to sources, the news anchor suffered stroke. He was the anchor for RPN-9 News. In addition the anchor has also been employed by a variety of other channels. Here are the attachments and links for social media.

What happened to Henry Gasser get killed?

Henry Gasser (son), his cousin, has verified the fact that Harry Gasser, his father was diagnosed with pneumonia in December of 2013. The condition of his heart was affected and eventually caused his stroke. Medical professionals confirmed Harry Gasser dead at 3:50 am, after his blood pressure sank to midnight. In his interview, he claimed that he had been standing by his father at the time of his death.

Obituary, Net Worth and Obituary

His death announcement was made public via social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. A Facebook post provided details of his passing. Below are images. Rico Hizon also shared the details of his death through social media. He expressed his sorrow. Harry Gasser’s net worth was estimated at $1.1million when he died.

Information on Family and other topics.

  • Parents-Not known. Family-Not known. Children: Henry Gasser, Anna Marie (Daughter),
  • Harry was married.
  • The couple was Flora Gasser. They had two children.
  • Do they have a relationship other than his wife?
  • We do not have any information regarding his relationships with women or girlfriends. But sources tell us that Flora Gasser is his Wife and a veteran actress.
  • Check out the Quick Biography

The table below provides specifics of Harry Gasser’s private career and personal life.

Table real name Harry Gasser. Professional News Anchor. Date of Birth 02.12.1936. Birthplace Quezon City (Philippines). Spouse Flora Gasser. The net worth of the couple is $1.1million Wedding Status Married. The Philippine Zodiac is a nationality. Sagittarius. Age: 76 years old.

Religion & More

  • Religion- Unknown.
  • Ethnicity-Not known.
  • Nationality- Philippine.

His Story and More

Career-Harry gasser was an anchor for ABS-CBN anchor (1969-1972) and later became a member of BBC-2 (1973-1977) Later, he was employed by RPN and later joined ABS-CBN (1998-2001).

School-Not Known. College-Not isn’t available.

  • Educational qualification-Unknown.
  • Early life: Information regarding his childhood is not readily available.
  • Find Height & Other Data
  • Height: Unknown.
  • Age- 76 years.
  • D.O.B- 02.12.1936.
  • Birthday- 2nd December.

Why is he in the News?

Harry Gasser’s wife, tragically passed away on 19th November 2022. Inquiring people are now able to learn the cause and the manner of her husband’s death. Harry Gasser’s death is now being reported.


Harry Gasser’s tragic news of his death is not just sad, but also the loss of his beloved wife. Watch the Harry Gasser anchoring videos here for more details about the dead.


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