This article about Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ gives an overview of the incident that occurred within New Jersey.

The Gordon Lawshe? Why are people so interested in this tale? What did happen to Gordon Lawshe? People across all over the United States and Canada are seeking out more information. You’re among the many. This article will provide all the information you need about Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ. Spend some time reading the entire article.

Table of Contents

  • Caldwell What was the cause?
  • Gordon Lawshe
  • Bobby Wilson
  • Information on the incident
  • Conclusion
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Caldwell What was the cause?

Gordon’s neighbor experienced a problem this month when he observed people spraying the solution, but no one recognized the person. Gordon requested police help to inquire into the incident. The man accused a girl with spraying a pesticide in order to eliminate lanternflies. The man charged the girl with living close to.

He claimed to be terrified, and was scared. Gordon Laws is said to have contacted the police to inquire about an unidentified black child of nine years old who was spotted with flies using lanterns. He noticed that she was in black clothing which led him to believe that she was involved in criminal activity. Read the remainder of this article to find out more.

Gordon Lawshe

Gordon Lawshe has a 70-year-old age, and lives in Caldwell. The address of his home is Elizabeth St. Caldwell. His family members include Lynore Klaushe Jessica Johnson, and Michael Lawshe. They resided at Lincon Park (NJ) and Parsippany (NJ). As we are aware, Gordon is related with Jessica Johnson (NJ) and Lynore Klaushe (NJ).

They discovered all personal information of Gordon. This black girl was frightened Gordon and threatened the former teacher. Some refer to him as a racist.

Monique Joseph Who is your real name?

Monique Joseph was the father of the girl that was catching the lanternflies. As per her mom, their nine-year girl daughter has remained terrified when a white man calls her police to spray the lampenfly killer.

According to her mother, she used the remedy to shield the tree from the invasive insects. She also inquired about his wife who was white however, there was no information accessible via the Internet. Joseph says that her child was harassed because of race from the white male. This highlights the risks posed by discrimination based on race within the local population.

Bobby Wilson

Bobby Wilson is a nineyear-old girl who was accuse of trespassing by their white neighbors. Joseph Joseph was a nine-year-old girl whose mother claimed that her child was at risk from the white neighbor. She said she was still scared. She’s been living on the same area for 8 years. Contact has continued for that long, which is alarming.

Joseph said Lawshe hasn’t talked about the incident since then. He also refused to let her attend the station to undergo an additional probe of Caldwell officers. She also said that she would like to discuss being neighbors, but she was not able to talk to him.

Information on the incident

Joseph Lawshe Caldwell NJ hosted an event with them at which Bobbi (her 13-year-old brother) was also in attendance. John Kelley, Caldwell’s mayor offered apologies at Bobbi for the experience she had to endure due to the laws. Following the discussion, Bobbi Joseph was invited to Caldwell West’s Caldwell West Caldwell Police department to talk about her experiences with officers in the community.


In our investigation into this New Jersey incident, we also learned about the prejudice against racial groups which was perpetrated in the state. The story has gone viral throughout Canada and across the United States. All the neighbors got together and worked to sort everything out. Follow this link to find more. Post your feedback in the comments section below.


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