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Delano as well as Delano Burkes, where are they today? Where is he? Have he returned to his homeland? Delano Burkes was a Texas native, and his family in the United States went missing in the early morning of November 13. Who was in the area that night? Read the Delano Burkes Missing Houston articles to learn more about his location and how he vanished as well as the steps taken by the police to track him down.

Table of Contents

  • Delano Burkes – What’s happened?
  • Delano Burkes Missing Houston
  • Opinion of family members
  • Delano Burks disappeared when?
  • Delano Burkes: his appearance and identity
  • Delano Burkes Missing Houston – Police investigation
  • Conclusion
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Delano Burkes – What’s happened?

Delano was with his buddies on a night out. One of the other drivers was in of Delano’s car. They were then dragged to a parking spot for a cafe close to Bevis. He was walking around through the Heights at 19th West Road. Delano Burke walked close to McIntyre to go to the bathroom.

Delano Burkes was caught last Sunday by CCTV surveillance footage leaving McIntyre’s toilet after being ordered to go out.

Delano Burkes Missing Houston

All cameras on surveillance were monitored as the incident unfolded. Delano Burkes could be seen running away from McIntyres and causing an obscene mess.

Family members” Opinion

Delano Burke’s parents believe that Delano’s close friends have left him to his own devices. The battery of Delano’s phone went out. Additionally, Delano didn’t have any identification.

Karen Jeffly Delano’s mom says she believes that Delano Burke was out with one of his friends at the time, and was gone after only a few minutes. The group left him alone inside the establishment. They never leave him on his own in any situation. Here’s more about Delano Burke’s missing Houston Case.

Delano along with his buddies and some others are gathered for a long time watching the aftermath of a fight. We were able to tell that they were engaged in the drunken conversation.

Delano Burks vanished after?

Delano Burkes was 26 years old and last seen on the 13th of November. His last sighting was departing McIntyre’s Bar. Delano Burkes went missing the same day. Delano had been seen running away from McIntyre’s bar with his family members and police.

Delano Burkes’ appearance and identification

Burkes was not back at the home the next night. The family of Burkes requested to have the Police department find him.

Delano Burkes’s mother has identified the exact form to Delano Burkes’s son’s ID to the police. She outlined her son’s height at 5 feet 10 inches. Burkes weighs 200 pounds. He wore blue pants as well as an unchecked shirt that was grey and black with buttons. Delano has brown eyes and black hair.

Delano Burkes Missing Houston – Police investigation

Burkes was just 26 when he began his real estate venture. He is also a football player in the football team at Texas A&M University.

The officer said Burkes has been sought by the police. The night he disappeared was the catalyst for the beginning an investigation. Houston police are currently looking into the case from all angles.

Head Police Department Assistant K.J. Deese stated that the department hasn’t discovered any evidence of harmful material was dropped. The investigation is currently in process from this angle.

He asked the HPDs of any clues derived that came from Delano Burke’s. The number is 832-394-1840.

Delano Burke’s Houston is not present. This isn’t normal. The mother of the suspect suspects that he’s been chased by a person. He drove across the ditch even though his mother was watching the surveillance video. Burkes’s buddies were the ones who owned his car. The battery in his phone is depleted and he’s missing any identification. He’s not even in the station of police.


Delano’s Burkes was reported missing. Delano Burkes is still under investigation by the police. They have asked the public to reach HPD in order to get any information regarding Delano Burkes disappearance. More Delano Burkes MISSING information are available here.

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