This article provides a thorough review of the product and its credibility. Ballenmarcus. You can read the complete article to find out more about

We’ll let you know whether deserves your attention. The store has BOOTS and sandals for women and casual men’s shoes. They also carry Festive Garage Murals.

Today today, in this Ballenmarcus com Reviews we will review everything on the website, as well as the products it manages. We will also give you more insight on the authenticity of the website. For more information, read the full article.

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  • What exactly does the Ballen marcus website look like?
  • Ballenmarcus com Website –
  • These are the good points of this online store:
  • The negative aspects associated with Ballen marus Review:
  • Utilize this method to determine if you can prove that the Ballen Marcus com is legitimate or fake:
  • Questions about this store:
  • Is Ballen marcus website fake?
  • HTML0? ______ HTML0 _____
  • Is the website legit?


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What exactly does the Ballen marcus website look like?

Ballen Marcus offers online shopping for BOOTS. They also offer women’s sandals, as well as casual footwear. 2022 women’s Cowhide Leather flat heel boots. 2022 leather Soft footbed Orthopedic Assistance Sandals.Men’s plus size Orthopedic genuine leather shoes.

The domain was registered on 29 September 2022. It will expire on September 29, 2023, based on the whois database. The trust score for this site is 11 0.1%.

Ballenmarcus com Website –

This section contains all the pertinent information on Ballenmarcus com. Read the entire article and determine whether this site is suitable for you. If you’re planning to buy something from a new website, we recommend our customers to explore the website and Google.

Website name: Ballen marcus

  • Website URL:
  • Website link: Ballenmarcus com
  • Email:
  • Contact address: 121 Prodromou Avenue, 2064 Strovolos 1st Floor, Hadjikyriakos Bldg 1, Nicosia, 2064, Cyprus
  • Contact number: None

Categories BOOTS – Women’s sandals casual shoes for men Christmas garage mural

Type The item is: Ladies Cowhide Flap Heel Shoes for women 2022 leather Soft Foel Orthopedic Arch Support Sandals for men 2022 leather Soft Boots for Men, Christmas Garage Door Banner for Decoration

Payment methods: PayPal

Delivery times: The cost of shipping differ based on the location of delivery and the number of items you purchase. Calculating the exact shipping cost can be accomplished by placing items to your shopping cart, completing your checkout and entering your shipping address. The cost of shipping will be updated automatically and shown in your total costs. The average time for the product to be manufactured and shipped out of our facility is 7 to 7 days. The standard shipping and transit costs are applicable (5-10 working days) for orders placed within the United States, and 7-15 days in the case of international purchases).

Return policy We are willing to accept the return of any product. Customers may request a refund after 14 calendar days from the date they received the item. In order for a return to be considered eligible the item should not be used and must be returned in the exact condition in which you first received the product. The item must be returned in its original packaging. For a complete refund, we require evidence of the purchase. Our customer service team will assist to ensure that the refund is delivered to the correct address.

Link to social media:

These factors will help verify the legitimacy of the site. Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative aspects of the website.

These are the benefits of this online store:

  • SSL certificate is valid. SSL certificates offer consumers security.
  • It gives customers a range of payment choices.
  • It provides all applicable and current policies to its customers.
  • The negative aspects associated with Ballen marus Review:
  • The trust score for this site is extremely low, at 1percent.
  • This website is not recommended by other websites.
  • Certain website content may have been copied from a different website

The Domain name Website is brand new it was first registered in September 29th 2022. It expires on September 29th 2023. This can cause trust issues.

Now you know about both the negative and positive aspects of the website. Let’s take a look at the factors that show it is genuine or fraudulent. Look over the information below and be sure to leave a leave a comment if you’ve ever used this website. Your comments can be helpful to others who are confused.

Utilize this method to determine if you can prove that the Ballen Marcus com is legitimate or fake:

  • 1. The site is set to expire on 29 September 2022. It expires on 29 September 2023.
  • 2. Maximum Discount Maximum Discount: As High as 29 percent
  • 3. Scamadviser website trust score of 11 percent
  • 4. The validity of the contact address The authenticity of the contact address is: The legitimacy of the Contact Address: Prodromou Avenue.
  • 5. Customer Complaints are not listed. There aren’t reviews or ratings

6. The legitimacy of the Email ID:

7. Returns and exchanges Refunds and cancellations of orders are accepted before the item ships or is made. The entire amount will be reimbursed if the order is cancelled. If the item is in transit, we cannot make the purchase. We will email you a confirmation of receipt once the return has been received. We will also let you know whether the refund was accepted or denied. If your request is accepted the refund will be processed. Credit will be automatically added to the credit card you used to make your initial method of payment within a certain period of time. Late or missing refunds (if appropriate).

Questions and answers about this store

Is Ballen marcus website fake?

Yes, the website appeared suspect based on our investigation. We advise you to conduct some research and confirm every aspect of the information to make your choice.

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The site has a large selection of BOOTS, women’s footwear casual shoes, the Festive Garage Mural, along with a large selection of BOOTS. They also offer all items on the internet, however they don’t take cash payments for delivery. Here are some tips to help you understand more about the credibility of this site. Let’s learn more about it:

Date of creation: 29th September 2022. The website will be closed on September 29, 2023.

  • Unrealistic Price: Enjoy as much as 29% off
  • Trust Indice 1.
  • Does the website look legitimate?
  • This website doesn’t appear to be legitimate.


Based on our examination, this site was deemed to be suspicious due to its trust score of 1 percent. The concern was raised regarding the legitimacy of the website.


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