This article on Amber Wright Seath Jackson contains details on seath Jackson’s murder.

The sole reason for death in the present is not from natural causes and diseases. For instance, seath Jackson, 15 died after being struck and shot by four men. Among them was Amber Wright, his exgirlfriend.

Did you ever learn what happened to seath Jackson? Are you sure that Amber an active participant in Seath’s death? All over the world is discussing seath Jackson’s deaththat was a long time back. This article by Amber Wright Seath Jackson will provide you with all the details.

Table of Contents

  • What part Did Amber Wright play in Seath Jackson’s demise?
  • What was the court’s ruling?
  • Amber Wright’s Wikipedia-
  • What happened to them that killed Seath
  • Amber Wright Seath Jackson – What was the decision of the court?
  • Conclusion:
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What part Did Amber Wright play in Seath Jackson’s demise?

People are currently searching in search of Amber Wright, who is the subject of a documentary on ITV, “killer women, Piers Morgan,” that received an IMDb rating of 7/7. They are interested in learning more about Amber Wright and Seath Jackson’s stories.

Amber Wright assisted in the Murder of Seath Jackson’s ex-girlfriend of 15 years. After a lengthy and blissful relationship, they became lovers. But their relationship went into a bitter feud when they started to dispute. Amber became acquainted with Michael Bargo. Margo is believed to be the one responsible for the killing of Seath Jackson. The case involved four suspects. Three of them were sentenced to life sentences and Margo was sentenced to death.

What’s the ruling of the court?

Amber Wright was involved with the murder of Seath Jack. Amber Wright Seath Jackson was 15 when the murder took place. Anthony Tatti was the judge who, at the time, stated that he’d never seen or heard of a cruel crime which does not have a plausible explanation.

He claimed that he was hoping there was a rationale behind this and said it was a result of immature thinking and hormonal imbalances. This is what led to the crime by him, he said. But, no explanation would be considered valid as a reason to hate.

Amber Wright’s Wikipedia-

The real name is Amber Wright Nick Name unknown Profession currently in prison 26 Born Date 29/03/96. Known for murdering the Seath Race. White Birthplace Florida

What happened to them that killed Seath

They brought Seath in Summerfield and beat him up extensively before shooting Seath with the gun. To make sure there was no proof that Seath’s body was burned, they burned his corpse.

Seath’s body Seath was discovered by the authorities after it was placed into the rear. Amber and Michael were believed to be the suspects. Seath and Amber had split up within a couple of days prior to when Amber began to date Michael. Find more details in the reddit link section, under links to social media.

Amber Wright Seath Jackson – What was the court’s ruling?

The court decided that it was murder in the first degree. All of them were arrested. Amber was among the youngest of the group. The mother of Seath Sonia Jackson said Amber shouldn’t be punished in the same way as the other children since she’s still young and may have been influenced by.

Bargo is the person who shot Seath. Thus, he’s condemned to be executed. Amber was just 19 at the time that sentence was passed. She has said that she’s not the same person as she was and has gained many things from her guilt.


Amber Wright receives 25 years in prison as does Seath and other hitmen receive prison sentences. Michael receives an execution sentence. This page provides additional information about Amber Wright.


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