This article explains the incident. You can find Akram’s bio here. Akram Boutros Metrohealth provides more information about him.

Are you curious? This article will talk about Akram Boutros’s net worth in 2022. He is MetroHealth’s CEO and American president. He is American. We will discuss Akram’s net worth and the circumstances that led to his dismissal from MetroHealth. Akram Bouteros Metrohealth.

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What is Akram Boutros?

MetroHealth, Northeast Ohio’s largest healthcare provider, has fired Akram botros, its president and CEO. His retirement was anticipated to take place in less than two years. MetroHealth Board of Trustees Chair Vanessa Whiting issued a statement to 3News stating Boutros was fired following an investigation into financial mismanagement. Boutros was charged in a case in which he authorized bonuses payments totalling over $1.9 million for four years, which began in 2018. The board was not informed of the costs. Whiting claims that Boutros informed board members that he had personally informed the Ohio Investigative Committee on the 1st of November.

Akram’s Net Worth

MetroHealth CEO Akram Boutros demanded more funding before the board fired him. Despite receiving unapproved bonuses totaling over $1.9million, this was not the case.

According to documents submitted to the council he requested an additional $7.6M to fund the healthcare facility. This money was used to pay for dependency therapy and behavioral treatment for Cuyahoga residents who were uninsured. MetroHealth council has the sole administrative power of paying the CEO bonuses or setting quality goals.

Salary for Akram Boutros

Boutros confessed to having set up certain measures and compared his performance against them. He also authorized Boutros to receive additional incentives in the amount of $1900,000.

Boutros served as the CEO and president of the company since 2013. Boutros declared his intention to resign in November 2019,


Information in this article was taken from the internet. We don’t blame anyone. MetroHealth Board of Directors released Boutros, who was in charge of the health services for more than ten years. He was paid an additional $1million to his base salary.

Wife of Akram and His Awards.

Suzanne Boutros, Dr. Akram Boutros’s wife, is now the CEO of MetroHealth Medical Centre. Dr. Akram Boutros may be temporarily replaced by Dr. Nabil Cherade as CEO at MetroHealth Medical Center. On December 5, Dr. Airica Steed will replace Dr. Akram Boutros as president.

Mount Sinai Health Foundation presented Boutros the Maurice Saltzman Award for 2022 at its annual meeting, which took place on June 8.

Numerous awards and honors were presented to him, including the Adler Community Leadership Award. The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s Humanitarian Award. The Americas50: Modern Healthcare. The award for the most influential clinical executives. He was awarded the George V. Vonovich Municipal Award by Northeast Ohio’s Diversity Center. He is currently the leader on many non-profit boards.


Name: Akram Boutros Wife: Suzanne Boutros DOB: Feb 1962 Age: 60 years old. Three daughters. Designation: MetroHealth CEO and President Names of Children Jasmine Shannon and Tess


Research has revealed that Akram Boutros MD FACHE is The MetroHealth System’s president and CEO. Boutros was making an announcement about his retirement plans at the end 2022, in November 2021. You can find more information online. Are you familiar? Share your thoughts if you are not familiar with the Akram Boutros.


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